Custom Solutions

Every site has unique challenges and Blue Arrow knows that one size does not fit all. We take the time to make sure that our solutions fit your specific needs.


Hunting Cabin Connectivity

Bruce Kelley loved spending time up north at his trapping cabin, but worried about the security of his cabin when he wasn't there. His wife was concerned that if there was an emergency he'd have no way of letting anyone know. 

Bruce called us and we solved his communication problems by installing a SmoothTalker cell booster.  The booster also provides reliable cell service and strong internet signal, and to keep a watchful eye on the cabin, we added a high resolution video camera. 

Now Bruce can view live conditions at the cabin from his smart phone, and can record video of all his wildlife visitors.

The Sport Multiplex

Sylvan Lake’s new 30,000 sq ft Sport Multiplex is a beautiful facility but suffered from the same problem that most urban sport facilities face: even though it is located in the middle of town, it had little to no cell service inside.  

As long-time residents of Sylvan Lake, and with three sports-devoted kids, we were happy to donate the equipment and labour to install a high powered cell booster to the multiplex. 

Now our community can cheer away, snap candids and share on social media with the strong, reliable cell service that Blue Arrow and our large venue cell boosters provide.

The Oilfield Challenge

A major oilfield service company approached us with a challenge to provide them with cell service in the control cab of their coiled tubing units, regardless of their location and with little to no setup, calibration or maintenance.  

Blue Arrow was able to design and install a fully automated cell booster system that worked consistently, regardless of their location, and required no interaction at all.

The Forest Ranger

Devon Wise is a forest ranger and his vehicle is his office.  He has 5000 acres to cover and no time to climb trees to get descent cell signal. A portable personal cell booster is just what he needed for quick and reliable cell service.

Devon's personal cell booster travels easily from his desk to his truck to work cabin. No matter what mountain peak or river valley he crosses, he has reliable cell service.


The Modern Farmer

For today's modern farmer, internet and cell service is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. However, the majority of farmhouses are too far away from cell towers or other urban infrastructure to get connected. 

Blue Arrow has installed dozens of residential cell boosters, each customized to maximize performance without becoming an eye sore.  Once connected to the cell network, a wide variety of internet service provider options are available to the home owner.

The RV Adventurer

What fun is it to explore the great outdoors if you have to leave all of your modern conveniences behind? With a professionally installed cell booster, Blue Arrow can help you take cell service and internet with you regardless of how far off the beaten path you venture.  

We have done custom installations on all shapes and sizes of recreational vehicles and motor homes.  Whether for peace of mind or rainy-day entertainment, call Blue Arrow today so you can have strong cell service and internet with you on your next adventure.

Drilling rig canada

Drilling Rig Cell Booster

All major drilling companies rely heavily on cellular communications throughout the job.  Blue Arrow has rig boosters that require minimal setup or adjustment, so you can focus on your job and not on the communications equipment.